Thursday, September 13, 2012


My name is Jessica and I'm the author of this little blog. To introduce myself, I am a disciple of Christ, a newly-wed and a full-time graduate student. I've previously written at blogs relevant to my other interests, but I've never had the opportunity to really focus my writing on the things that matter deeply to my heart. Once I realized that, I knew I had to start this project.

I'm hoping to use this place to write about discipleship. This is a time of great change in my life, and I feel inspired to record the lessons I'm learning while they're still fresh in my mind. Somewhere, I have a feeling there are other young adults going through a similar transition in their lives, and I hope by recording these lessons they can be useful to others.

I'm also hoping to use this blog as a way to form a community with other Christians. Discipleship is not something we can do alone. That being said, I'll wrap up this post by saying I hope that you'll feel comfortable commenting. I'd hate to feel like I'm all alone and talking to the walls in here!

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